Martin Splitt: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) common myths

There are many myths about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Many people tell you about the SEO myths and you immediately believe or you can not verify about those myths.

There is very hard to find the truth about SEO, is it true or false.

On Webmaster Conference 2019 at Jakarta, Indonesia Google clarify common myth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) myths

On slide Search Updates & Javascript SEO, Martin Splitt tell about SEO common myths.

  1. My site is dynamic (JS) so Google probably won’t see the links anyway. Wrong, Google can see even your site built with React.
  2. The more I pay for link, the less likely it will be considered spammy. Wrong, Google will see is your link is natural or not.
  3. My Domain Authority and Page Authority (DA/PA) very good and I will rank top of Google for sure. Wrong, domain authority does not guarantee that your content always on top search results. There are many factors in Google search engine position or rank.
  4. Descriptive page titles and good meta descriptions are important for better search ranking. True, page title and good meta descriptions are important for search ranking.
  5. Content is the King. True, content is still the King, but who is the King without Queen, Castle or People?
  6. There is a minimum and maximum limit of words on an article for it to rank better. False, there is no minimum or maximum limit of words on an article for better ranking.
  7. There is an optimal keyword density that can help rank better for desired keyword. Wrong, there is no need to repeat your desired keyword to get better rank.
  8. Is it super important to fix all the 404 error warning that shown on search console. Wrong, how about if somebody put wrong backlink to harm your site?
  9. Google recommends responsive site. True, Google recommends responsive site, but it’s not rank factor.
  10. Responsive Web Design is preferred by Google’s ranking algorithm. Wrong, responsive Web design doesn’t have score on ranking algorithm, but mobile friendly is the rank factor.
  11. The older domain is better it ranks. Wrong, the older domain does not always better rank or always on the top of Google search results.
  12. Legacy TLD (.com, .net) are sign of more authoritative site than other TLDS (.guru, .xyz). Wrong, legacy TLD does not have more authoritative site than other.
  13. Buying expired domain with high PageRank make your new site rank better. Wrong, there is not the Google rank score anymore. Google does not use PageRank.
  14. Keyword rich domain names always rank better. Wrong, there are many site with keyword in domain name but not on top rank.
  15. Google prefer subdomains to subdirectories. Wrong, it’s does not rank score.
  16. HTTPS is recommended for all types of website. True, Google recommends not only for website with transaction.
  17. For Mobile First Indexing, there is a separate index for mobile and desktop pages. Wrong, there is no separate index.
  18. A gTLD can be geo targeted with respect to search results. True, gTLD can be geo targeted.

There are many rank factors on Google search results, we believe more than 25 rank signals.

Content is still the King. But a king without a queen is not good enough.

A King without a Castle is also funny, a king without people is also not a king.



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