Google SEO update about nofollow links

Google SEO update about nofollow links

On Google Webmaster Conference 2019, Martin Splitt talk about link on website.

Google announced a major change about nofollow links.

Before nofollow links is a directive, that mean Google will no follow the link out.

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The update is now Google is treating nofollow only as a “hint”.

This means that Google will decide whether to use the link for ranking purposes or not.

This will change impacts to SEO, content marketing, link building and spam.

Google: What is nofollow links?

Internet is about network, it should be naturally connected each other.

And link is one (and may be only) of the connections.

Because follow links will affect their SEO, many publishers choose to add nofollow attribute to their links.

GoogleBot has big problem when crawling a site, and that site always give nofollow links, GoogleBot stuck on that site.

Now, they decide to use their system to decide follow and count link.

So now, Google will not use nofollow link for crawling and indexing.

Nofollow link may be used for ranking factor for now.

There are 4 link attribut: no attribut, nofollow, sponsored and ugc (user generated content)

Regular link:

Nofollow link:

Sponsored link:

User Generated Content (UGC) link:

You can use more than one attribute for example:

Nofollow link may be used as “hint” for Ranking

If you do a sponsored content, or if you got “something” when put link to other site, you should add rel=”nofollow” or rel=”sponsored”.

If the content like “sponsored” content but you does not add nofollow or sponsored, it may will affect to your SEO (origin site).

Link is recommendation, if you trust the website, you agree about the content, then you should create regular link.

But if you does not trust the link, example I don’t know is content is true or not, you should add nofollow attribute.

Example on content comment, user may add link, you can add nofollow attribute.

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